Glass House

It has been many years since the events of Moetre and its’ people. The marked survivors were given a new world and left to make themselves new lives. The four boys of the past gave found new purposes to live by once reconciling their situation. 

The bastard Wyrien Royce took to reclaiming his position in the South only to be met with unfamiliar people who would not recognize his claim. After which he met Alden, another marked of Moetre. Alden and the bastard formed a pact to discover the true meaning of the past and formed a small group of dedicated researchers set on knowledges of the world. This would take them through the mundane and into the dark.

Jeral the hunter fell to his instincts and traveled north to find a place among the Belgics and Vicontii. However, even there his feelings of misplacement took hold and he spent most of his time in the forrest by himself learning the skills of survival. Living among the brutal free people forced the man to harden himself and make good with weapons in case of trouble.

Drale, the innocent runner boy, spent much time in search of his lost family. But, he was never able to find any evidence of Grace, Leopal, or Lyda. Instead he was forced to find work and soon was taken in by another master, Boris Baldos. Boris and his homestead were master bowyers with southern influence. Drale was permitted to attended to the tools of the trade and soon became a bowyer himself.

Marek took to the new world with fervour making a merchants living on the backs of trappers and furriers. Importing good northern furs and processing them for southern consumption saw Marek making a good life for himself. And in that time he took a wife and had a son. However, the call of the past hung over the man and he soon took to the road, leaving the business to his wife. A freebooter he became, taking him across the land from job to job, trick to trick.
After many years these men were brought back together in Golden Home as they were all unsettled by dreams of the past. Marek took it upon himself to track down his boyhood comrades and talk to them about investigating the cause of these dreams. After reuniting over drinks and food they decided to set off to the city of , what was, Moetre. After arriving in the valley the group joined an encamped group of soldiers wearing black tabards with a white bear sigil who called themselves “The Black Company”. These soldiers advised the clansmen to go about their business elsewhere however, after investigating too deep into the affairs of the soldiers the group was held prisoner for espionage. It was Wyrien’s claim to nobility that saved them from punishment giving them the right to leave with a warning not to return.

That night Marek decided that he would further investigate an excavation the soldiers were overseeing. Crawling through the gap in the opened stones Marek entered an old ruin of unknown build. Once he entered the main chamber an energy took over and after a rush of pain Marek found himself face to face with an unconscious Charwy. Unfortunately the noise had brought the commander of the black company to the ruins as well who was set of taking the woman for their means. After a quick scuffle Marek was subdued and when he awoke to his friends’ calls Charwy and the Black Company had moved on. 
 After quickly explaining the events of the night the group set out to catch the band of soldiers. After two days of tracking and navigating the mountain pass the men were faced with despair as, through a clearing, they saw the Black Company forces a good day ahead of them and out of their reach. They were certain that they would get to Golden Home and their rescue mission would become substantially harder.
Once the four men got to Golden Home, Drale decided he was ill prepared for their current path and left to retrieve better suited supplies from his home. But, the others remained invested in gathering information to save the damsel and started to search their contacts. Jeral and Marek set off south to discern whether these “Black Company” soldiers had continued on past Golden Home with possession of a prisoner. Thisled them to a trapper name Billly, a on and off employee of Marek, who may have seen such movements through his territory. After a misunderstanding of moneys owed the two managed to uncover that the men they were looking for did not travel the roads south, at least not with a prisoner in the past few days. A weight lifted from their shoulders the two men spent a day sharing with the man and then returned to Golden Home.

Meanwhile Wyrien connected with the elder master Alden to confer with him about the recent events. And after some discussion he was given the contact information to a more misunderstood group of believers known as Urddo Order. Wyrien searched for a high standing member of the organization and he found one. Unfortunately the man, Chancellor Harrid, did not take kindly on being followed. Wyrien was forced to convince the man of his innocence and escaped with some knowledge but, in the debt of the mysterious man.

Once the team reconvened in Golden Home, Jeral extended his search to a southern lord by the name of Krassius. Krassius was an apologetic noble that had been known to him as a supporter of the free people. And once tracking down the man Wyrien and Jeral went to gain favour only to be caught in the middle of the man’s arrest for what is being called “treason towards the crown”. Jeral and Wyrien escaped without suspicion however, it’s hard not to think that their search for the man had maybe tipped the law enforcement to his allegiances.
After much debate and struggle the four men decided that they were at a disadvantage and should take time to investigate/prepare for their next chance at recovering the captured girl. As they had learned she may be being kept in the governor’s fortified estates they deemed it ill advised to try and enter by force or stealth. So over the next month they honed their skills and waited for the next movements of the Black Company.

After hearing of merchant requests tied to the Black Company ,the group found themselves setting out in pursuit of a number of the order that had left late one night. With the soldiers tracks leading towards the north-eastern boarders the four started their journey again, this time with a grudge to settle and a damsel to rescue.



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