Glass House

Over their time of practice and personal investments the group of men were met with a Tagani girl Esmir. She, also bearing the mark of Moetre, was looking to join the search for the past. After filling in every one of the situation they set off in pursuit of the Black Company and their devilish intentions. With Jerals’ tracking skills the group followed the hard set footprints north-west untill they came across a village. The village had been sacked. It’s houses burning, stores raided and people killed the village sat motionless other than the last flickering flames. Unsure if it was a trap the five cautiously approached the inners of the small village where Wyrien, Drale, and a begrudging Jeral searched for survivors. Meanwhile Marek took the time to pillage what goods may have survived the destructions. Neither of these searches proved fruitful and they set out again following the tracks of a variety traveling west. 

It wasn’t long before they came to a break in the trail. A set of armed heavy set tracks lead north while another traveled west. With a small discussion Jeral lead them to the northern path to follow what he’s thought to be the Black Company. After traveling some distance an opening in the rocks revealed a flattened area surrounding a unique looking stone with a bloody palm print on one side. With his curiosity getting the best of him Wyrien set out to inspect the stone and what secrets it may hold as it looked to be of ancient make. His inspection however left him without answers besides its’ possible heritage to the ruins of Moetre. While focused on the situation the group were ambushed by free peoples’ raider who attacked at the sight of their southern clothing. After a brief clash the three clansmen were routed, one captured and another dead. With a moment to inspect the area Jeral thought it best to backtrack to the other paths while waiting for their prisoner to wake.

After a night of camp the man who attacked them arose only to be met with interrogation of what he was doing. However the man’s resolve kept him silent he was forced to fight for his right to survive. Jeral took him to single combat and within the first volley of blows the man was killed leaving the party without answers.

Following the second set of tracks the group found themselves faced with an encampment of Black Company soldiers who seemed to have sieged a large chasm. A mismatched assortment of wooden barricades had been set at the moth of the chasm and the men of the Black Company were in the process of building a portable ram to break their way in. With little options and a distain for the soldiers’ intentions the group set out the sabotage the siege engine. Marek, Wyrien, and Esmir set to the camp during nightfall. As they planned Wyrien was able to ignite the engine while Esmir released their horse line during the commotion. Unfortunately, while keeping watch Marek was forced to kill a patrolling soldier drawing attention to their presence and after a chaotic chase the tree of them escape to the safety of the mountain cliffs.

Reunited the five of them rejoiced in their success and started to address what they were to do next. But their thoughts were quickly set aside as a small ground of free people emerged to take them prisoner. Lead by a girl named Tally and her Vicontii 2nd, the group was given a choice, fight them or follow them as prisoners. Jeral and Marek took to opposing this unnecessary capture only to be persuaded to lower their guard and conceded to Tally and her force. Everyone was lead through a tiny squeeze of a path that brought them beyond the barricade into the Belgic camps. Upon entering the caves the smell of disease and rot washed over the group. A make shift infirmary had been established for the clansmen who didnt make it to safety in whole. Quickly the encamped soldiers came to arms removing the partys’ weapons and treating them more like prisoners than guests.

Unknowing of their fate the five start to question their captors only to be revealed that their leader was non other than Norgen “The Bloody” Hass, another marked of Moetre. After pleading their case and being somewhat caught between Tally and Norgens’ argument everyone was given their weapons and their freedom. After sharing their stories of the North and the arrival of Charwy they were met with only scepticism and regret from the aged warrior. His fighting spirit had changed since everyone had last seen him. Resigning himself to the battle ahead the party felt the pain of the past echo through the chasm. After a quick meal everyone in the encampment gave way to sleep but that wouldn’t last long…

Before even dreams could set in, the roar of fire clattering of arms woke the party. They were confronted by the militiamen charging past towards the barricades that were now fuming blackened smoke. Without hesitation Jeral, Wyrien and Marek reached for their weapons and started off towards the brewing combat. However, their steel wained when remembering the resignation in The Bloody’s voice. And with that, Marek and Jeral abandoned the Belgic warriors in hopes of gaining a more favourable position via the rear exit of the caves. Wyrien however, felt bound to the Moetre mark and entered the fray to support Norgen and his warriors. Drale and Esmir set out to follow Jeral while Marek was forced to retrieve his buried goods.

Once engaged in the battle Wyrien took a commanding lead at the front. Each face of the sloped chasm had burning wood fortifications that collapsed as he approached letting through the first waves of Black Company men at arms. With a fury the Belgics assaulted the front lines of the invaders which saw both sides taking casualties. But one thing was certain, the Black Company hand breached the defence of the barricades.

After looping around Drale, Esmir and Jeral started to take position against the rear of the assaulters, looking for a commander of such to show himself. Marek however devised a plan to portray himself as injured so that he could go unnoticed through the front lines. After searching the infirmary for a already deceased assistant he was forced to quietly kill a young injured clanswoman in order to stain his clothes to sell his fiction.

With small efforts to attack priority targets Drale and Jeral were no more than nuisances to the forces of the Black Company who pressed the issue of the battle wearing down their enemies. Marek too the deadlock as an opportunity to escape the fray without injury.

Once the timing was right the reserved horsemen powered their way through the battle line and shattered the Belgic defences. In turn killing Norgen Hass and capturing a handful of rebels as well as Wyrien. 


After a brief retreat Marek and Jeral took to the forest with a wounded member of the Black Company who would soon perish even against the best efforts of Jeral’s herbal treatments. Thereafter, Drale caught glimpses of a small band of Belgics who escaped via the tunnels and he sent Esmir to confront them for help while he reunited with his comrades in the Forrest. In hopes of finding out Wyriens fate the three of them undercover of smoke took to the cliffs only to be faced with the hard truth of how one sided the casualties of the battle had been. After discussion and no return of Esmir, Jeral purposed the tracking of the surviving Belgics. However, when faced with the prospect of night the fear of a people known as Thistle Men kept the group camped against the cold mountain side awaiting morning’s safety.

Wyrien was met with a special privilege among the captured after revealing his heritage. He was given food, drink and even warm blankets after being promised a safe release once back to “civilized” lands. And, in the morning the soldier set out back towards Golden Home keeping a wary eye for any ambushes.

In order to cover more ground the team of three split up with Jeral and Drale setting off in pursuit of the Belgic allies while Marek was tasked with tracking and signing the path of the remaining Black Company. Unfortunately he was distracted during the plan and forgot what his task was soon losing sight of the soldiers and getting turned around in the forest. But, Jeral was tracking well with good time until it started to rain which hid what remaining tracks could have led them onward.

After returning to the valley the three, low on food and supplies, decided it would be best to return to civilization and regroup. And with that they set off back towards the raided villages to the east. Soon they stumbled upon the rather paled and unconscious body of Wyrien. Rushing to his aid they all were caught off guard as an ambush had been set. At bow point the team was revealed of their weapons and taken to a makeshift holding cell in a rather hastily formed camp of the Black Company.

Wyrien was taken separate from the rest of his friend and given more privileges as well. Taken to a tent and confronted by the same man who had fed and clothed him Wyrien was faced with an offer the soldier proposed to him. Himself and his group of mercenaries would be enlisted to do kidnap a important person of note and return them safely to Golden Home or they could face the judgment of Laminious Krass’s law. Knowing the stern justice of the southern general Wyrein agreed to work for the soldier. His only obstacle now was to convince the others.

After a brief convincing the three others committed themselves to the task with the understanding that if they failed to return with their mark that they would all be branded as Outlaws losing all human rights within southern boarders. Wyrien was given additional charge and responsibility of the task being given the instructions they were to follow.

With tensions high the four of them were released in the morning with their weapons and supplies returned to them. With a long breath of relief Wyrien revealed to them their instructions. The group had been charged with the capture of a person named “Lobo”. Who is said to be arriving in a free peoples’ settlement on the boarders to the north. A small map accompanied the papers and a name, Denomous Corlene.


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