Glass House

Left sitting on the mountain side with instructions in hand Marek, Jeral, Drale and Wyrien watched as the remaining Black Company traveled out of sight leaving them alone. Facing the choices ahead of them the four quickly took to blaming Wyrien for causing their service to the southerners. Marek particularly resisted the idea of working for their enemy and orally abolished any promises he had made to their captors. However, the others felt the pressure of their oaths and decided that they would at least travel to the Belgic camp and try and find this Lobo before making their final decision.

Low on supplies and nothing but a hand drawn map the group traveled towards the destroyed village while making an attempt to procure any food stocks they could from the rocky terrain around them. Just as everyone came in view of the village they were met with an unexpected sight. A field of graves were being tended too by a smattering of people. Mainly women servicing the dead as they approached. Each woman was garbed in red and whites, and embroidered across a few of their clothes laid the image of a White Lotus. Scattered along the site were small metal balls filled with flame illuminated the hillside. As if looming over the graves the cast shadows over the last few diggers finishing what seemed to be the final holes of the day.The group pushed forward to meet the people and came in contact with Anna Krey, a member of the “ Temple of Rebirth”. Invited to stay and share what food was offered the men traveled into the city and to a longhouse that was servicing the group of missionaries. It was under the strict rule of a Madam they sought shelter and food for the day. At the meal time the group was questioned about their intent to travel in the area and soon described themselves as “mercenaries” that worked under the name “*The Jackrabbits*”. However, once Anna was informed that they were commissioned by the Black Company it cut her conversation short leaving the group with more unanswered questions.


In the morning the missionaries prepared to travel south while the others started north in search of the free people’s encampment. After a few days of travel and a failed attempt at claiming renown for the Jackrabbit Warband, the four came upon a bustling city stuck between a river and a towering pillar of stone.

The city was seemingly new, consisting of only tents and yurts and no real constructed buildings to be seen. As the Jackrabbits made their way into the city it became rather apparent that this was no army. Children played in the streets, lendermen hawked, and families engaged in what seemed to be festivities. And soon there after they came to know that this was in fact a Northern Festival of Water. Lost among the makeshift streets it came to Wyrien to call challenge their goals going forward. After a heated debate over what to do next and who was to take the leader the group came to a standstill only to be broken by Drale’s reasoning. And with that they went out in search of any leads on this “Lobo” character.

Drale seeing an opportunity to make a name for his craft stayed behind and started to finish a project he’d been working on, while the others ventured into the crowds. Jeral, recalling an old acquaintance of his, set off to find “*Blue Nose*”. During the search however, in a makeshift drinking arena, Marek found himself confronted by the vicontii that they had met cliffside at the chasm. With a boisterous roar the man heckled the group for being taken prisoner. Marek, without much thought, snapped back at the giant with a quip. And before Marek knew what had happened the vicontii had slammed his fist into his newly broken nose. With a roar of laughter blood gushed down across the freebooter’s face as he stumbled away behind his compatriots. Jeral however, decided to force the issue getting into a small scuffle with the giant with not clear victor at the end. The three of them left the vicontii and his friends in order to help Marek stop the bleeding. And as they were leaving the rabble Tally entered the area but never noticed Jeral or the situation.


Taking Marek to the water to get cleaned up revealed the severity of the wound. His nose was broken yes, but the blow had maybe also caused some internal damages as well. Marek took it upon himself to doctor the wound and after an hour or so of trying to reset it was released into unconsciousness as his attempt seemed to worsen the state. It was there after which Jerral set out into the wilderness to find proper medicine roots help with Mareks recovery.

Meanwhile Drale, finished with his bow, decided that he would attempt to find any more information about their mark with the help of Wyrien. And, too their surprise, before the day was out they had arranged a meeting with the man through a few well placed merchant connections. They had set up a meeting under the guise of having valuable goods they wished to sell to him. That eve Marek woke again his nose and head throbbing from the care he self administered. After being persuaded to help them meet Lobo they first had to get the man care for his nose. Wyrien suggested a man he once heard of that would likely be at the festival. His name was Galger, a rejected magician with a habit of stitching dead body parts together in an attempt to bring them back to life. In the morning the three of them went in search of the man under the pressure of a deadline for the meeting. It wasn’t too hard to find the small slightly misshapen man bathing in the hot springs on the eastern banks. With the promise of payment Galger agreed to service Marek’s injuries and it wasn’t long till he’s come through and set his nose back into place.

With that the three set out to the meeting yurt ready to me the mysterious Lobo. Once they arrived and entered the meeting place they were met with a man tall, black long hair with a large one sided blade. Dressed in fine cloths and southern leather armours the party of perplexed, it was not what they were expecting. After sitting and conversing with the man they soon found themselves caught in a web of lies. While handing the man the sword that was the item of trade, Marek was soon held at sword point while Drale and Wyrien readied themselves to the task. A tension in the air, a sword at Marek’s throat and an arrow knocked towards the man the rooms silence was broken by the man’s goads towards Drale. Whether it was shear preservation or succumbing to the goad Drale let loose his arrow. Within seconds the man moved to action avoiding the arrow while crashing his sword agains Marek’s flesh opening a great wound. Wyrien meanwhile started his incantations to pull aware the sword but it dispersed its’ energies lost to the world. The man flew into the other two cutting down Wyrien and defending from Drale as he’d drawn a sword.

All seemed too much for them but just before the final blow from the man were struck time stopped. The people in the room were frozen, all except Drale. And from a light in the darkness his gaze was turned to Grace. A displaced and almost surreal vision to the boy Drale ran towards her. Before he could embrace her, Grace forced Drale to the group with nothing but a— command. The two talked and Grace called into question the intent of the boy she once knew. Inciting him to grow up and be a man of character she gave him a parting gift, protection. With a touch she crumbled Lobo into dust saving him and his friends, at least for now. Kneeling over the bloodied body of Marek, Drale was left alone again as Graces’ energy left the yurt. And from outside a crash and screams could be heard as Drale was brought back into time confronted with his wounded ally.


With quick thinking the two of them took Marek back to Galgar but once exiting the yurt were engulfed by a sandstorm that hid their escape. Upon arriving at the surgeons’ tent they were met with a rather rattled man who seemed attuned to the events that had just happened. He agreed to help Marek again under the condition that they would smuggle him out of the city before anyone came looking for him. His words made it sound like this was all because of him or that someone would blame him for whatever had happened. They agree to help Galgar but first they needed their friend to defeat the call of death.


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