Glass House



The world breaks, its’ lands filled with fire and brimstone enters the end of days. The rivers replaced with red hot molten earth running into oceans that boil over and disappear. A darkness chews through the, once brilliant, skies suffocating the clouds. Flowers burn, rocks melt, and trees ignite all save one. Moetre, the mother tree, her roots and bark so strong that it resists the flame and holds the earth tight until every ember loses is flicker. It is she that subsided the darkness and gives life to the world. First small and seemingly insignificant but, all with purpose. The earth held firmly in the roots of Moetre are on which we live. And from that soil, bound to her roots, life was delivered to the surface again. All that is, all that was, and all that will ever be is because of the grace and strength of the Moetre. We are all her children, every living thing, and it has been our duty to care for our Mother ever since we have had the strength.
- The Clans of Moetre


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