Brother Lucius Aelia

Ordo Peregrinus of the One God


Thracian people have a history steeped in battle and glory, he has the look of a man who has followed the footsteps of his kinsman to a tee. With sword, shield and pendant of the One God he surges forward.

The confidence of his eyes and straightness of posture speak of his military discipline and noble heritage.


He keeps a small perish devoted to The One God on the island of Mir.

He has began questing to find the heroes who have gone missing in search of death. He will earn his place among his brothers in the stars by finding and freeing the angel of death back into our world.

While not every man will live beside God in the stars, I can deny the souls of man to darkness.
– Lucius Aelia, on false gods and demons.

Brother Lucius Aelia

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