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  • Golden Home

    The city of Golden Home is a robust fusion of the new and the old of its’ region. One of the biggest settlements in the *Arms’ Reach*, the city rests just off from the merging of three rivers making the area filled with floods, fish, and forests. The land …

  • Thistle Men

    [[File:622516 | class=media-item-align-left | 8024b0e564b9a0df9ef4b50683e8483e.jpg]] ...Every civilization has their ghosts. These are the ghosts of the north. The [[Arms' Reach Clansmen | Arms' Reach Clansmen]] don't keep any written records and the …

  • Jerall

    Descended from some lost line of the Tagani people- he's spent most of his life ranging around the Arms Reach mountains. He has a noble stature hinting at a regal lineage but the mouth of a sailor which dispels any thought of his place with the upper …

  • Aidos

    This bard has recorded a few volumes to do with the history, folklore, and mysticism of the [[Arms' Reach Clansmen | Arms' Reach Clansmen]]. It is said he could weave particularly terrifying tales about beings he had coined [[Thistle Men | Thistle Men]]

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