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  • Magus Stone

    Magus Stone are a mysterious and yet vital part to the world. The stones are scatter all throughout the land with new stakes being claimed daily. They're seeded inside a deep dark chalky stone that seems to accompany them everywhere they are found. The …

  • Magical Theorem

    "The world of Aards' magic is a complex and unpredictable resource. It's energies have influenced people, cultures and civilizations since the beginning of time. Its' effects are so various that the people capable of wielding its' energies see different, …

  • Gogalrian Script

    The *Gogalrian Script* is a widely used tool for communications between the nobles of man. Crafted by the Magus, the small circular tokens are similar size to that of a coin. The Script, as it's referred to, is slightly translucent with a pinkish hue. …

  • The Urddo Order

    A mysterious order of people that have many names and reputations that are more myth than reality. [[File:609693 | class=media-item-align-center | gothic-dark-fantasy-art-witch-magic-spell-occult-skull-women-females.jpg]]

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