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  • Theron

    The region of *Theron* has an excellent climate, a valley with large rivers and lakes with access to *Rhodes*. The northern lands are filled with valuable mined treasure (gold, silver, metals). A smaller region but powerful non the less. Its’ warm dry …

  • The Black Company

    *The Black Company* is an elite group of soldiers that work for the Corlene family. They've been known to do more delicate missions for reasons unknown. Recently directed to the order of [[:laminious-krass | Laminious Krass]] to enforce rule in the north. …

  • Aidos

    This bard has recorded a few volumes to do with the history, folklore, and mysticism of the [[Arms' Reach Clansmen | Arms' Reach Clansmen]]. It is said he could weave particularly terrifying tales about beings he had coined [[Thistle Men | Thistle Men]]

  • Brother Lucius Aelia

    He keeps a small perish devoted to The One God on the island of Mir. He has began questing to find the heroes who have gone missing in search of death. He will earn his place among his brothers in the stars by finding and freeing the angel of death …

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