Arms' Reach Clansmen

The hard rocky landscape of “Arms’ Reach” is home to many clans. Their territories, cradled between two glaciers, has been their home for hundreds of year and has equipped them uniquely to survive the harsh environments. The climate varies from the northern part to the south with much of the cold glacier winds keeping summers short and winters tiring. Southern tribes have the luxury of the mountains protections and more flattening of the land giving a agricultural advantage over the other regions. The northern tribes rely on their grit and cunning to survive the regions trials making hunting and gathering a huge role in their day to day lives.


A divided group of tribes have lived in the region it’s entire settled years. Their difference from people to people is strong and defined, a thing that has kept them divided through history. Each “Clan” or “Tribe” has a territory and cultural beliefs that invoke a fair amount of competition and conflict within their own lands. Out of a handful of communities six peoples have developed reputation: Jaruk Clan (Central Tribes); Royce (Lake Clan); Vicontii (Gray Thunder Clan); Tagani (Bender People — Gypsy); Evreux (River Tribes); Belgic (Pale Paw Clan). The people have limited trade into the land due to its’ secluded nature however, between them a few merchants and motivated individuals take up supplies to cycle the clans. They often trade more than good in the way of songs, stories, and information about family gossips. These pedlars, while not aligned to any one tribe, are left to freely walk the lands as what they are called, a “Lenderman”.

A mismatch of territories overlap and don’t connect through the mountainous realms making disputes seasonal as people attempt to take the best lands for farming and mining. To the north lay the Vicontil and the Belgic tribes that have had constant disputes and raids through their history however, the two tribes are the only people without foreign rulers and are considered the last “free people”.

In the lower mountains, the Royce and Evreux people have had more cultural tension as their distinct ways of dealing with things clash. These lands are the most foreign influenced with merchants, soldiers, lords and ladies from Euboea and Thrace are a common sight.

The Jaruk Clan holds sway over the largest plot of arable land giving them a hub of activity between the others. This has spurred the more militaant leaders into action who have come from the south to “tame” the lands and its’ people.

And lastly the Tagani roam from north to south, east to west, and wherever their feet take them as they carouse the world for its’ beauties, at least thats what they say. Any dispute with the Tagani has had to do with scandals, thievery, and general untrustworthiness. The area controlled by the southern city states are more cautious than most often attaching guard units to visiting Tagani to “avoid any inconveniences”.


With small squabbling and wars breaking out occasionally between the clans turmoil is unpredictable at best. However their elders and seers keep the people from destroying each other outright. A strong belief in the worlds’ “soul” or “spirit” is a common thread between the people believing that the power of the world is an ever living thing and should be respected.

Around a hundred years ago the region was invaded by the southern states Euboea and Thrace lead by Tiberius Corlene while coming to power. They took the region for its’ rich mining resources, fresh recruits, and slaves. And it has since bee controlled by the state of Theron. Land has been traded, taken, given to nobles as gifts or rewards and are scattered with villas’s from the many residences. A tough military presence rests in Golden Home as the foreign powers feel vulnerable to the Belgic and Vicontii’s brutal raids. The men and woman have broken allegiances to the old ways and the new order but, one thing that is true it’s a new world, a new frontier.


Arms' Reach Clansmen

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