Golden Home

The city of Golden Home is a robust fusion of the new and the old of its’ region. One of the biggest settlements in the Arms’ Reach, the city rests just off from the merging of three rivers making the area filled with floods, fish, and forests. The land is more arable than the surrounding areas and provides good incentives for people to work fields rather than resort to banditry, Golden Home supports good industry for lumber, mining, fishing and farming. While most of its’ natural resources are shipped south to be manufactured, a small amount of production does happen within the city.

Golden Home has been placed under the charge of Laminious Krass, a general from the southern city states. His rule is quiet but harsh as he has no tolerance for crimes against his citizens. Other nobles, small and large, have various lands in the surrounding area and look to Laminious for protection when times become tougher for the locals. He has even gone on to demonize the “*free clans*” of the Belgics and Vicontii who often raid their boarders. These attacks have given cause for Laminious to erect a standing army that resides within the city limits.

The city itself is filled with the breath of life in its’ streets. A mix of old clan wooden structures and new plastered southern homes. The streets are a mash of cobblestone and dirt, while overhead drying fabric obscures the sky. On one side of the city the peasant markets filled with crops and animals stays busy through most of the day. And on the other, the newer and smaller southern market sits atop the hillside. Its’ stalls filled with exotic trinkets, spices, and fabrics from far off lands. Along the roads to the south warehouses, tanners, and metal workers snake along the way towards the river. The harbour, though small, is always bustling with small barges and ferries bringing goods up the river and sending raw materials back down.

Fighting in the region has always put the city in flux when considering who was in power. More than a hundred years ago the Thracian/Euboea provinces took the clansmen’s lands while expanding their boarders. As the small groups of people were never unified it was less of a war and more of a take over of the region. It since then has been considered apart of the Theron State however, many of the clans people have mixed beliefs about their foreign rulers. Some of the people see value in the new ways and technologies the South has brought. While others still maintain the strong beliefs in the old world and that their people have been charge with the lands’ protection. These difference are what creates most of the conflicts with the Belgic tribes of the North. However, more and more of the people are drawn to the comforts of the new regime.


Golden Home

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