The bustling region of Leon, a coveted area among humans, is an expanse of flood plains. In the summertime the climate is hot and dry, and the winter is cold and wet. With the springs of the the Leonian mountains the rivers overflow their banks flooding great portions of the plains. With lots of water and the proper control the Leonians can produce an abundance of crops, mostly barley and sesame, with abundant grazing land in the lust meadows for the cattle, sheep and goats. As hot dry air comes from the south date palms and fruit is ripened. The waters making abundant clay for the purpose of bricks for, houses and monument construction.
Precious metals, stone and sturdy timber are much harder to come by in the region and is usually the focus of Leonian trade.

Its’ people have long taken pride in their cultural heritage. Their paintings, sculptures and tapestries are prized possessions across mankind. Such greta artists as Peter of Monteau, Clause Demoi, Sean Marmion have set into the history books for their works. These works have been inspired by the cultures’ very pious nature. A strong belief in the Gods have long brought the people of Leon together and still does to this day.


Boarded by an arid plain that leads to the great desert, Leon is the only connected region to the land of Raka. The Tri-City is a mixing pot of connectivity, having both a rout to the Raka and the Elven cities. On the other side of Leon lays the Kings’ Grove. A wood with majestic beauty sits in the pass between Leon and the other civilizations of man. Its’ trees are famous for flowing pink pedals leaving a beauty unlike anywhere else in Rhodes. This place of wonder has been said to be the favoured place of Isolde and Labros and the birthplace of Titius.

Leon and its’ people have always had a rich history if not a a controversial one. Most notably would be the times between 2970-3010.AN; The leader of this time was Jean Leon the 1st. The relationship between Jean Leon and Blackmaine, leader of the war band “The Onicause” , is tale of legend. But, one thing for sure was that the Leonian princess Kylla and Blackmaine were both blessed by the goddess Isolde.
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