“The Multiverse , one of the most complex living entity in all of existence. Both Aards’ academics and spiritual leaders have worked to uncover the mysteries that it holds. For hundreds of years the people of Aard have looked onward to the stars for the key to opening the planar puzzle.

With various ideas across the realms so I have attached a few summaries of theories i’ve uncovered over my years of study.

Old Elven Scripture
The ancient elven scripture, as difficult as it is to find, talks about the great život tree that was the beginning of all the worlds’s magic. It’s roots were said to have covered the whole of creation. The elves believed that those of the chosen order would be given access to this great network of roots and channels in order to travel across the barriers into the planar worlds. In the writings across various excavations there seem to have been four alternate worlds that these “chosen” would speak of: crvena a land made completely of light; plava an endless ocean atop the tallest mountains; zelena a world filled with diminitive winged beings; bijela a land of darkness filled with tricksters and evil spirits. These four realms have been noted in various occasions and developed quite a mythos of tall tails that are seen even today in modern elvish.

Followers of Raka
The Raka following is dangerous and deific. The slaves of the Rakaian “gods” follow with pure devotion and retrieving any information about their diety practices almost suicidal. However, through various Kathra black merchants I was able to obtain some information that describes the ritualistic practices of these leaders. It’s believed from translating the works that these being were once of another world and upon arrival here had imposed their will over the area they arrived it. Their odd shapes and witness accounts it’s suspected that these otherworldly people’s maintain portals that are constructed through mirrors that allows them to travel seamlessly from one world unto the next. As third person this information is it’s a fascinating prospect that another worldly species could have come unto our world centuries ago.

Rhodian Scholars
The most understood design of creations’ workings has bee given to us through the astronomers from Lho. Their perseverance in the art of star gazing has conceived a strong grasp on the complex nature of “Planar Ecology”. This design sheet registers their finding in an easily followed description of alter realms and orientation.
This is how Keeper Yargo and his team have assigned all their findings. However, the more devoted concept is the relation between each “layer” observations. Each layer (even if it consists of many individual realms) has particular qualities that define how it owrks in relation to others. Example attached below**
This team of academics has shown great promise and hopefully they will submit a complete scholarly paper to the guild library in Rhodes.

I appreciate reviewing my updated findings and I hope to visit you all in the capital as soon as possible." — Submission paper to the Magus Craft Guildhall from Roderick Pevemsi


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