The Free People

The “free people” of the clans consist of the Belgics and the Vicontii. Their once broken tribes have united in order to resist the southern powers of Theron. The tribes have maintained their traditions with chieftains and leaders managing most of the communities to the North. They’re broken up into many groups of people united only in their dislike for the southerners. A separation between the Belgics and Vicontii remains only being put aside in times of raiding and defending themselves.

The men and women of these clans have been branded by the previous ruling lords as uncultured or barbaric. However, under decree of Laminious Krass the “free people” have been branded outlaws for their acts against the crown. Any of these tribesmen found working against the wishes of the South are to be given no right to court and will be punished accordingly.

With this harsh decree a variety of notorious clansmen have attacked, stolen and ravaged the lands as a sign of protest. And even with the increased military presence of the South they continue to do as they please. These acts are a representation of freedom, a choice not given to most southern people.

These tribes have a long history with the wilderness as their means of life depend on good hunt, weather, and shelter. The rocky and cold terrain doesn’t give much fruitful harvests and what it does offer is not as readily organized between villages. Instead furs, timber, and precious metals are in good supply. These trades are typically serviced by lendermen who aren’t concerned while dealing with the Theronians. A modest sacrifice to survive the winters and even get weapons to fuel the tribes raids.

While there are fewer issues between the Belgics and Vicontii they still exist. Some marauder kings have brought war between the two before and will do again. The blame for these wars typically rests of the Vicontii as their culture often adore the idea of battle regardless of who its’ aimed at. Their current leaders have found more benefit in working with the Belgics but for how long is questionable.


The Free People

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