The Temple of Rebirth

The Temple of Rebirth is a coven of women dedicated to the births and deaths of mankind. Their order comprises of women in power across tribes/cities that perform funeral and birthing rituals. Their strong belief in resurrection, reincarnation and soul cleansing bring people from all over to reconcile with the priestesses.

The followers of the Temple worship the gods such as Zyous, Vex, Inachus, Semeke, Nessa and Naisa. And their order executes missionaries to places of need, especially in times of war. They see to the comfort and passing of the dead during conflict and, the comfort and passing of the child during peace. Their maxim is “Think of whence you came, where you go, and to whom you must account”.

One of many organization throughout the lands of man the Temple of Rebirth finds station in the city of Kraven. And, in its’ walls have build a great House of the Mother that works as a place of worship and hub to its’ servants.


The Temple of Rebirth

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