Thistle Men


…Every civilization has their ghosts. These are the ghosts of the north. The Arms’ Reach Clansmen don’t keep any written records and the story of Thistle Men vary depending on the clan or village. The story ranges from as far as the lost souls of people who have been excommunicated from their community, a common practice among the Belgic clans, to a group of small children who had gone missing countless years ago. Regardless of what the folklore points to what they may be, their motives are always the same. They lure or coerce people into the forest where they are never seen or heard from again. Some say they take people to a realm of cold and shadow, others say their victims join the ranks of the still silent watchers. These are clearly stories constructed by old men who want attention or families who want to scare their children into obedience but maybe I could weave an interesting tale about them…

Excerpt from a travel log from the bard, Aidos.

fiddle-dee dum and fiddle-dee dee,
the old gray ladies are after me.
they want my shoes and they want my skin.
there’s none place so small they can’t fit in

- A Roughly translated Viconti Childrens’ poem.

Thistle Men

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