Calvos ALehand

A bartender turned hero because his sister, the real hero, has gone missing while looking to rescue Death


I am Calvos Alehand and I have journeyed to the Isle of Mir after a group of heroes including my sister vanished weeks ago looking for Death who has gone missing.
Encouraged on my journey by my love, who I do not know is Damai goddess of singing and merrymaking
I am a Cretian. A red haired barbarian from the north. Fiery tempered and crude
Because of my history as a sailor connor and barkeep I’m drunk , a good listener with red cheeks and superstitious

My Darkest secret is I want to rescue my sister and have everyone know I"m a bigger hero then her even though openly i claim not to want to be a hero

My current beliefs are
I’m responsible for aiding my party
Never turn down a chance to cook
I want luscious to like me because he’s important

I always cook breakfast
I always help people who ask
I always carry cooking supplies

Sam → Graylius Leonioan older sketchy
Shane → Isaac Believes CHarron goddess of the sea
Ryan Luscious → KNight vested in white → Thasian big horse

Back story
Lily Hammer was the lost ship.—.the crew called themselves The Burdened

First Session
After arriving in Mir we search the city and stay at Luscious Strong hold.
I made a meal for someone.
While in town I entered a cooking competition with a barkeep to get free drinks but failed .
Later at the Tavern the Gully Maiden → I got seduced by a bar wench and lost what little money I had.
Then a stranger entered dramatically. Luscious talked to him about it and

Calvos ALehand

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